Friday, February 25, 2011

an online game

The little man and I are online. He is playing an online game while I am trying to update my blogs. The little girl is asleep so I am free for a while although not so much since he is calling me for help with his game. He picked a game that uses logic (which I don't have, lol) and he wants me to help when he gets in a hard spot hoping I will win so he can advance to the next level. There is no skipping a level so we have to win each and every one of them. Thankfully he does not slap my hands anymore, he is more patient than that. His father helps too when we are in a bind and it is funny even if frustrating when we have to try several times to win a single level. Why he likes to play games that is even hard for adults to play is beyond me but he likes it and it is kinda fun and fulfilling when we win. We are at level 19 and there are more to come. It might be bed time and we still will not be finished with this game. Maybe there is a way to save this so we can continue tomorrow. Perhaps we all will learn from this :)

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