Saturday, February 19, 2011

nice experience

When I gave birth to my second child, I did not go through what I went through when I had the little man. I did not shiver or feel cold, nor did I have any worries about being in the operating room (I had c-section on both). The nurses were very accommodating the second time I gave birth. They made sure I was comfortable which was very nice of them. They piled a lot of warm blankets on top of me to keep me warm. They even use some kind of compression stockings on my legs to help with the circulation. I don't know if the hospital bought the compression stockings online but it sure was a lot of help and I liked the way it felt while I was wearing it. The doctors (there were three) were all nice and kept on talking while they were doing the c-section while the anesthesiologist kept on checking on me to see how I was feeling. I had a good stay at the hospital and I am glad we chose it to have my c-section.

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