Monday, February 14, 2011

he made us proud

We were out the other day for an important appointment. We waited for a while so to keep the little man from getting bored I made him read a book. He did and a woman heard it and was amazed. She asked about his age and said the little man can read like her second grader. We told her the little man started reading when he was only three years old and she was shocked. She asked us what we did but I did not know how to answer that. I could not really lay claim on something that I did not do. I mean, the little man pretty much taught himself to read by visiting Starfall daily for weeks when he was barely three years old. Anyway, she told people about what the little man was doing until a crowd formed to listen to him read. He loved the attention. He continued reading pretending nobody was listening but me. He is such a con, lol. His father who was also with us was beaming with pride for his little boy. We were given advice on what to do when he starts kindergarten and given a name of a teacher who supposedly helps kids like him who are advanced in some aspect of learning. We accepted the advices and pocketed the paper with the information in it and said thank you. The little man earned stickers which he gladly accepted. He was given a reward when we got home which made him really happy, an extra hour to play his favorite online game.

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