Friday, February 4, 2011

game time

The little man asked to have his computer back when he got bored today. We told him he will not get it until the set time and that he should better do something else like play with his toys or do some art work. He did not do either. He hunted for his computer until he found it (his father hid it on top of the dryer) and brought it to his table. We did not have a choice then but to hook it up and let him use it but he will only be there for an hour, maybe two if he is good. Then the computer will "disappear" again, this time it will go somewhere more secure. He is playing a game that I think is funny. He has to build sturdy bridges so workers wearing Mens Hats and funny clothes can cross it and resume their work. The funny thing is that if the bridge he builds collapses the men falls and screams which make him giggle. The sound is funny and he enjoys listening to them (I do, too) so he keeps on playing the game all the while trying to win it. We have agreed that he will not play bad games so he has to stay with the games we approved for him to play. I have to keep an eye on him though to make sure he is sticking to the rule.

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