Sunday, February 20, 2011

booster seat

I bought a booster seat for the little man today. The husband and I decided he is too big for the car seat we bought for him so we went to the store to get him a new booster seat. I chose the seat and made sure it had cup holders so he has a place to put a cup when he is sitting in it. He normally cradles a cup when we are driving down the road so this is a lot better. He does not know he has a new seat yet, he will when we get out. Hopefully he will not be fussy about it because he has a tendency to cling to what he thinks is his. Kinda like me, lol. We will transfer his old car seat to our other vehicle (one we rarely use) so he still can use it when we drive that particular car. I bought one in blue because there were no other choice on the type that I wanted. I would have wanted brown for him but then maybe he will like the color blue. We will see.

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