Wednesday, January 12, 2011

should we follow his lead?

The little man is back into not eating again. He does this from time to time, almost like a routine really. He keeps on eating for days until he gains weight and then for days after that he will only take fluids and a little food here and there and nothing else. His doctor told us not to worry because if he is hungry he will eat. It is hard not to worry but there is really nothing much we can do. The husband said if only we can do what his son does we will probably get rid of stomach fat fast even without having to work for it. He might be right, the only problem is we get a whiff of food and we eat like gluttons. We do not have control like the little man so there is no way we will lose weight without doing something about it. What we need to do to lose weight still remains a mystery given the fact that we eat not because we are hungry but because there is food. Should I say good luck to us?

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