Thursday, January 13, 2011

a short cut

We sometimes wonder if we ever will lose the extra weight we gained over the last couple of years. The husband tries to be optimistic and I am almost positive we will. But then we keep on adding more pounds instead of losing weight. We do not know what to do, really. Losing weight is as hard as looking for fat burners that work. It is like trial and error. Especially since we do not work out. Well, I will be able to probably a couple months after I give birth. The husband, no chance. He has health problems that needs to be addressed before he can do anything strenuous, if at all. He gets frustrated and disappointed but there is nothing he can do about it. So you see it is hard. I really would like to lose weight so I can wear my old clothes again. I miss being skinny, like my husband miss being trim and healthy. If only there is a shorter and surer way to getting rid of extra weight minus the workout.

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