Thursday, January 13, 2011

potty training

Yet again. I have done this several times in the last three years without success. This time I aim to. It does not matter if I have to get through the husband who thinks we should give his son more time. The little man is four years old. He knows how to read. He can write. He can play games online. He sleeps in his own bed. There is no reason he will not know how to use the potty when he needs to. I have talked to him, prepped him for days that we are going to give this another try. He will be going to school soon and it will be embarrassing for him and for us if he still wears diapers. Of course he told me he will only potty when he gets home but he has to use diapers to school. Ahm, no sir! So two days ago I did not let him wear diapers the minute he got out of bed. He raised hell and ran to daddy but I told them both no. It took a few hours and constant prodding for him to use the potty to pee before he got the hang of it. I realized that when he is online he tends to just pee on his underwear instead of getting up so computer time is now limited as well. He has been doing pretty good, in my opinion. There are no crying or screaming which he used to do. I do have to keep an eye on him because he still has to be reminded every now and then but I think it is normal. He will eventually learn. I hope. Maybe this time we will be successful. I think it is about time since he will be a big brother soon. I have to have more patience in dealing with him. Thankfully, once the husband realized that his son is almost ready, he has been helping me deal with the little man. We found out he listens more to his daddy when it comes to potty training so this comes as a big help. Let's hope we will continue to do good.

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