Saturday, January 29, 2011

a must?

We love to drive around the countryside. It is something we do when we get bored staying at home. We pack the car with munchies, bring in a map (if we can find one), and drive around for as long as we can just looking at farms and fields. It is scary sometimes when we get in roads that are not only unfamiliar but are hard to navigate. Thank goodness we have a four wheel drive car so the chance of getting stuck is low. It is the fear of getting lost that worries me sometimes because maps are not that reliable especially if it is not a comprehensive map of the place. A Garmin GPS would probably work well but we do not own one gps to save our hides. We thought about buying one but we never really got around to doing it. We just have to be careful I guess so we will not get lost. The husband told me it adds to the thrill when we do not know where we are at :)

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