Thursday, January 27, 2011


The husband and the little man are watching cartoons while I am here locked up in our room with the little girl. The reason I am hiding is because we hid all the computers in the house so the little man will stay off his online games for a while. We will try to limit his online activities to an hour each day and to avoid whining and such, we decided to hide the computers while telling him he is not allowed to play online games longer than an hour anymore. We could have left the computers alone but it is less stressful this way. Out of sight out of mind, see? It is working and he is being good about it. The bad thing is that I have to hide but I will get used to this. It is not that I have the need to get online all the time anyway. I am not working nor am I looking for administration jobs or any other jobs for that matter. The longest I have to stay online is when I am on Facebook which is not really that important. So, we will see how this will pan out. I do hope this strategy will work.

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