Friday, January 7, 2011

he wants what?

The little man wants a kindle. This is after he surfed Amazon for days looking at stuff. He used to tell me he wanted me to buy him an icoaster but when I said no he quit. Now, he loves reading. I guess he figured that if he will ask mommy for something that is educational he will get what he wants. Well, I don't think mommy can afford a kindle. He is too young for it anyway. I said not yet, maybe when he is a little older. He is now interested on phones. He said he needs a cellphone. When asked why he just says because he wants one. I think it has something to do with being able to get online and the fact that he can play games in it. He surfs online for phones and gets on the website for our phone provider to look at phones. I have to make sure that my computer does not save passwords for sites just to be on the safe side because he can read and he knows how to type and we might just be surprised if we get an htc desire android delivered on our door. It is always safer to assume he can do more (because we know he does) than pretend he is a little boy who does not know what he is doing. I am pretty sure he will be looking for something else before long. I just hope it is something that is age appropriate for him and is affordable so we can get it for him when he asked for it.

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EINz said...

Wow, he was so techie to want that 'kindle'... =D