Monday, January 24, 2011

big brother

I gave birth to a healthy baby girl a week ago. It was supposed to be a scheduled c-section but our little bundle of joy decided to come earlier. We went to the hospital on a Monday and was discharged on Wednesday. We have been home since and other than going to doctor appointments we stay home to recuperate and stay warm. The little man has been a good boy since I gave birth. He pretty much ignores his sister which is what the in-laws told me was going to happen. I did notice that he is different in a way that he now listens to us without being told several times. He also sticks with us when we have to go somewhere. He used to be rambunctious and is usually all over the place when we go somewhere but ever since his sister was born, he has been really well behaved. It may just be a temporary thing but I am enjoying it. I sometimes feel guilty over not giving him my full attention having to take care of the little girl and recuperating from a major surgery. I try and I hope I am doing my best. I promise though that I will try to be more fair when I am recovered from my wound and I have more energy to deal with two kids without worrying about overtaxing myself. So far, I like being a mother of two beautiful kids :)

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