Tuesday, January 11, 2011

beat up

The little man has a habit of beating forks and spoon on the tables. It could be the dining table, or the coffee table or the center table in the living room. Ours are wood because we got rid of glass top tables for his safety. When he starts beating he only quits when I get on him. He likes to aggravate me that way. Our poor tables are so beat up I don't think it will look good even if we repainted them. I have hopes of buying contemporary coffee tables but the husband said he will not do it, not in the near future because he knows it will only get beat up. He does have a point. We have to make it known to the little man he needs to leave the tables alone and be firm about it. And then we only have to worry about what the little girl will do. Lol. I think we might have to scratch the idea of buying replacement tables until the kids are big enough to understand. Maybe in, say, ten years?

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