Friday, January 28, 2011

another haircut

And it was not a happy event for everybody concerned. The little man has always been protective of his hair for some reason. He hates having a hair cut. When told we will have to cut his hair he said it is not tradition. He will do whatever else we tell him to do as long as it is not about cutting his hair. The husband picked today to trim his son's hair. I did not have a choice but to assist. It did not last long because it was only a trim but it still was not a good experience for him. He cried, he screamed, and he begged. But we had to trim his hair because it was really too long and untidy. He looks a lot better now and he said he likes his "new" hair but you tease him about having another hair cut and he will tell you no. I hope the next time we do this he will be a lot agreeable so we will not get stressed.

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