Saturday, December 18, 2010

silver or gold?

The husband bought silver coins years ago. I don't know his purpose but we have a few coins here at home which he looks for when he remembers about it. He said he could not even remember why he did but at the time they were cheap and he thought that he could sell the coins should the need arise, at a decent price that is. I guess it has not been that valuable since he has not sold any and we have actually lost a few coins on my last inventory. We don't have a lot by any means, I just count them for his own benefit so when he asks I can tell him. I think either the little man played with the coins or the husband took a couple and forgot to return them to the box where they are kept. He told me that if he has the money, he will buy gold online instead of silver because it seems like gold is far more valuable than silver. I honestly don't know if he should but if money is not a problem and if it makes him happy then I will let him do what he wants. I know he is looking after the family welfare all the time anyway so I don't worry about his decisions.

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