Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa delivered :)

When the little man woke up yesterday morning, the first thing he did was check the tree if Santa left him presents. He did! He had several presents under the tree which thrilled him. Unlike what we were expecting, he never did try to open the presents all at once. What he did was, he opened one present, played with it for a while and then went back to the Christmas tree to claim yet another present from under it. The way he did it, it lasted all day before he was able to open all his presents. His father did not seem to like what his son did so he kept on urging him to open more presents. He never did. He took his sweet time which I think was smart since it builds up anticipation for what he will un-box next. He received mostly toys fit for his age like building blocks (to make a house complete with cabin beds and what-nots) and board games that his father wants to introduce him to. He also got plenty of play-dohs so he can shape letters and numbers among other things. He was happy with his presents. He has been playing with them since yesterday which is a good thing. Sometimes it is hit or miss when buying presents for the little man but we are happy to know that he liked most of the things Santa gave him.

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