Sunday, December 26, 2010

presents from relatives

We went to the husband's aunt yesterday since she said she has something for the little man. She handed him a box which he opened right away. He got a pair of sweats from his aunt which I think is perfect for the season. Only, the little man did not look so thrilled. I think he was expecting toys from her. Toys are what makes him happy these days. I personally do not want to buy more toys because I think he already has plenty but to a kid lots of toys is never enough. I told him to thank his aunt which he did. I am grateful of her gift because it will be useful for the little man. It is a pair of decent sweats he could wear even when we go out. We already knew what she was going to give the little man because days before she asked us his size and joked if he will wear hip hop clothing should she buy him some. It would not have mattered what she bought him as long as it is something he can use. Anyway, the little man got toys from his father's cousins which he played with right away.

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