Saturday, December 11, 2010

on rv's and repairs

We went to visit the husband's uncle's farm the other day. The old man is living with his sister for now because of the weather and even if he did not ask us to check, we still went ahead and make sure his property is in good shape so he will not worry about it. Things look fine except for the rv that is parked in his property, it looked like it needed some serious rv repairs when the weather gets better. The husband named off problems he saw about it which I have already forgotten since I am not familiar with rv talk or repair talks for that matter. He told his uncle the condition of his property and the old guy was grateful that somebody went out there to check. He said he may have to shell out money for the repairs but he will not worry about it until it warms up which means it could be Spring before the rv is fixed. At least he knows there is a problem so he is prepared for it.

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