Tuesday, December 28, 2010

mr independent

I woke up this morning when I heard the little man talking to himself. He was not in his bed so I wondered where he was. I found him in the kitchen using his father's computer to play an online game. I did not think it was good. He was supposed to wake me up to snuggle me and daddy but there he was content about his game. I had the internet unplugged last night but he knows how to plug it back in which is what he did to get access online. Of course he already knows his father's computer's password so that part was even easier. I know I really have to change that computer's password so he cannot use it anymore without approval. Anyway, he did stop his game when we woke up and is now playing with his piano but it still bugs me that he did not wake us up and that he got online early. Maybe I am being jealous that my son seems to not need my help on a lot of things anymore. Or it could be that I am just being silly. My boy is growing up quick. For a long time I worried about him sleeping with us and now that he isn't anymore I am still worried. I think the husband is right, I should just enjoy every day with the little man because as he grows older he will eventually be more independent. It is a good thing, I just have to learn to adjust to that fact so I will be fine.

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