Thursday, December 16, 2010

more presents for him

We finally got the boxes that the stepdaughter sent for the little man. We received four boxes in all but only three were his, the other box is for our little girl. All four boxes are already opened though. I know it is still over a week before Christmas but the little man was so excited to see presents piled up outside our door that he just had to open them. The husband agreed, who am I to argue? So they opened the boxes and we found toys that we thought he might not like. He surprised us by actually liking the toys and playing with them. He got furry frenzies, Thomas the train set, and a set of play-dooh. I was skeptical about the small parts and the dough but if they make my boy happy I am willing to pick up after him. He has been having a good time playing with the toys and we are thankful his sister chose the particular presents she sent. We plan on buying him more toys, just cheap ones to wrap and put under the tree, but we have to do it without his knowledge or else he will insist on opening the boxes before we can even finish wrapping them up. And as crazy as it may sound (considering how I hate cleaning up), I am actually considering buying him more play-doh so he can "create" more stuff. We just want him to have more options without having to spend a lot of money in the process. I hope he will like what we will give him.

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