Wednesday, December 8, 2010

keeping him warm

Is very hard to do. The little man wears whatever I make him wear before going outside to keep him warm. I normally put on two to three layers of clothing on him since the temperature started getting below freezing. And then I make him wear a thick coat for added measure. He wears them alright, until he gets in the car. Then he takes off his big coat and only would keep his sweaters on while in the car. If we have to get out, we have to put on the jacket but when we get inside a store or when we visit his father's aunt, he peels all his warm clothes until he is left with just his pants and shirts. This happens always. When I ask him why he is doing this he tells me because it is hot. How could he be hot when I am freezing even with all the layers of clothes I got? Even his father says it is cold and shakes his head in wonder over his son's peculiar habit. But then maybe it is not so peculiar among kids anymore because just the other day I saw a kid walking with his mom to get to a store and the kid was wearing shorts, shirts, and flip flops while the temperature was in the upper 20's. Could it be from the food they eat? Or is it just a kid thing?

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