Wednesday, December 8, 2010

he loves to play ball

When my brother was younger, he was into sports. He played baseball and basketball. He got tired of baseball but he remained playing basketball either for fun with our cousins or for competitions. He was into the sport so much that he watched pro basketball games on television when they were on. He even watched NBA and had nba jerseys and nba shirts he loved to wear. Of course, he also had posters of his favorite basketball players in his room. Life was all about school, girls, and basketball when he was in high school. He had a pretty good time growing up. I think he made up for my not being athletic minded. While I sat in a corner reading a book, he was usually playing ball with our cousins after his chores are done. Our parents let him play even if they did have worries about him getting hurt. He still plays basketball when he has the time but he has other priorities now. He only plays the sport when he wants to sweat or if he thinks he will get a little money out of it. Age does change a person's perspective on things.

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