Wednesday, November 10, 2010

window shopping

The little man was being good the other day so I was able to leave him while I went roaming around the mall. It was fun looking at women's dresses even if I know that none will fit me with my condition. I also made it a point to check on purses and wallets but I did not see any design that I wanted to buy. I also looked at toddler clothes hoping that I will find thermals and flannel pajamas for the little man but I was not so lucky. I spent about an hour roaming around one store and did not buy anything. Yet, I enjoyed the time I spent and did not regret it one bit. This is one of the things that ease my boredom, window shopping. I like to do it once in a while because it makes me feel happy. It may not be much when you think about it but then to each his own, right? At least it is not an expensive past time :)

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