Sunday, November 21, 2010

very basic

We only have basic cable channels to watch. Not that we do watch television much anyway. We opted this because the husband and I know that we are not tv people. We can survive without turning the television on for days. For some reason, the little man likes to watch tv. We don't know where he got this from since we did not let him get used to this when he was little. Right now he likes the television on whether he is watching it or not. Of course he has to turn it off once he has another appliance turned on but when given the choice, he always leave the television on. He only likes one channel anyway, the one that airs cartoons, documentaries, and the latest political and financial news. He thinks it is cool to watch this channel and I must say it is if he is learning from it. Anyway, before we had cable and an LCD television, the husband thought about applying for one of those digital tv antennas that the government offered earlier this year. He kept on urging me to do it but I never really did. I told him we will buy an LCD tv and throw our old junk tv away so we will not need to be applying for anything. Thank goodness the old television quit working a few days later so I got what I wished for. Then we had cable so we are fine. Like what I said, we are not tv people and so I will try to wean the little man from watching television shows until he feels like he can actually live without it. Television is for entertainment purposes only and we should only watch it when we want to be entertained. Let's see how the little man will react to that.

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