Thursday, November 18, 2010

presents for him

I have been meaning to buy the little man either a camera or a binocular. I think he would love either one when it is presented to him. The only problem is that I have not had the time (nor the money) to buy him either of the said items. He likes to take pictures so a camera will be appreciated for sure. He also likes to play sleuth so any form of scopes (a regular telescope or binocular, if I can afford it) will also be a hit. I always get sidetracked though. I spend money on other toys or things and when I check my budget for toys it is not enough to buy the ones I plan on buying for him. He already got an early Christmas present from us but I want to buy him one more present to put under the tree on Christmas eve if he will not insist on opening it before that. I need to start saving up and to make priorities to make our little boy happy come Christmas.

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