Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a keyboard

The little man got an early Christmas present from us, a Yamaha portable grand. It is not very expensive but it works when he taps the keys and it has songs in it he can play along or just listen to. He loves it. Since his parents are music deaf (no kidding, lol) he is trying to learn by himself. He gets in a chair and taps whenever he feels like playing the instrument. The husband said that he wants his son to be able to express himself however he like and if it is through music then we will let him have the basic instruments he needs. I am thinking when he gets older we might enroll him on piano lessons if he is still interested in music. It will not harm him if he does play an instrument of his choice. If it turns out he is not musically inclined after all, his father said we will sell the musical instruments in a yard sale. Hah! Like I will let that happen. Who knows, the little girl might turn out to be musically inclined. We will see.

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