Wednesday, November 3, 2010

he was in my bed

We woke up this morning with the little man in our bed. Apparently, he got up from his bed and trekked to ours without me even noticing it. He was snoring, all warm and comfortable, between his parents. His father likes it when his son sleeps with us which makes it hard for me to shoo him away from our bed sometimes. They gang up on me, see. But then it is getting cold at night which might be the reason why he prefers to snuggle between us. When he awoke he looked at me and asked where is the moon. I guess he did not want to get up yet but it was getting daylight. When I said I don't know, the husband laughed and said I should better answer that particular question. At least the little man is not asking complicated questions like where do babies come from or what is electrosurgery which are harder to answer much less to explain. Maybe he is right. Anyway, it might have been why I slept good because the little man was beside us. I just hope he will not make a habit of this nocturnal trips.

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