Thursday, November 25, 2010

he likes to build towers

The little man is hooked on playing a game online about building towers from blocks. He yells I did it! when he wins a game but runs to me whining when he loses. He dragged his father earlier to help him with a game and they ended up arguing because he told his father what to do and it did not sit well with the latter. He then came to me asking for help but I could not win the game for him. It was intricate and I am not really very good with solving puzzles anyway so we both ended up frustrated. I told him to look for another game so everybody is happy. For a while anyway. My baby boy is growing so fast and he is acting like somebody older as well. Thank goodness he did listen to me and turned off the game. He then looked for other games but had to wait because the games were loaded with commercials for acne treatment and hgh human growth hormone as well. He is getting patient in waiting out for the commercials though. He knows his game is loading and so he waits. If only he applies that patience when playing his game then we should not have to hear whining and screaming. He is not a very good sport, that much I can tell right now. I hope he will get better with time.

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