Wednesday, November 24, 2010

growing up

Everybody noticed that the little man has gained weight. When we visited the husband's aunt the other day she commented on it. She said his favorite boy is getting big and she likes it. We do too. Provided he will not get too big, that is. We will keep an eye on him so it will not get to a point where he will need to use fat burner when he gets of age. They say prevention is better than cure. Anyway, he looks good right now. He is filling up in the right places and he looks like a big boy instead of being a baby. It seems only yesterday when he was so little and helpless. He is still helpless but he can now tell me what he wants which is making a lot of difference. The only bad thing about him gaining weight and growing up on me is that I cannot lift him up much anymore. And when I do need to carry him from the car to the house (when he sleeps in his carseat) I have a hard time. He is getting heavier every day. One of these days he will just have to wake up and walk to the house because mommy can only carry him at a certain weight.

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