Friday, November 12, 2010

colors everywhere

For days, the little man did not mess with his activity books. He did not do any artwork. He even had his pencils and crayons shoved under his desk instead of their usual place on top of his work area. And then today, he was back at it with a vengeance. He colored his sketch pad, his art book, and as if it was not enough, he colored the walls in the living room and decided to put more color on the wallpaper in the kitchen. Imagine the work I had to do to clean up the mess he made to pacify his father. The crayons are washable albeit it took effort and more force than I thought necessary. When the husband calmed down he told me the little man (and his antics) is the main reason why he bought a can of paint that matched the color of the wall a couple months ago. At least if nothing else works, we can paint over his artwork until the walls look decent again.

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