Saturday, October 2, 2010

where is my marble run, mommy?

The marble run I ordered for the little man from Amazon is still not shipped. When I checked what was holding it up, it said that the items I ordered (the marble run and a book) has to be shipped together to avail of the super saver shipping and that they are still waiting for both items to be together. I wonder where the other item comes from? Lol. I am getting impatient already. Had I known that it will take this long I should have paid for shipping. This is the first time I availed of the free shipping and I don't think it is worth the wait. Why, if I have done site to store at Walmart my orders would have been ready for pick-up by now and the little man should have been playing with his marble run instead of asking me where it is at. I hope that my orders will be processed soon. I will continue to wait since I have already started anyway. But never again will I do free shipping at Amazon if they will continue to do this madness.

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