Tuesday, October 12, 2010

his own little chair

We bought the little man this chair which he calls a desk. It is handy, as you can see it has a place to put his crayons and pencils in. There is a knap-sack like net in the back for his artwork which he refuses to put anything on. He loves his little desk. I guess it makes him feel important. It is his and he can do all his studying in that chair. It is a sturdy little chair and heavy too so he could not just lift it and carry it around like he does most of his toys. I was hesitant when the husband thought about buying the chair but I am glad he persevered considering how the little man loves his desk. This is his little corner where he learns to color and write.

This is not a review. If you notice, I did not even put the brand of the chair mainly because I forgot, lol.

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