Friday, October 22, 2010


My boys are tactless. There is no way of putting it. Why, the other day the little man asked me about my number (which is his way of asking my age) and when I told him my "number" he looked at me and said you are old. Bad kid! And then a few days later, the husband was rubbing my back for no other reason than to annoy me (I think) when he blurted out that my sides are getting fat. Duh! I am pregnant I should be expanding (for lack of a better word). He said I better work on getting rid of the fats because once I let it pile up it will be hard to get rid of. I asked him if he was talking from experience and he burst out laughing. Crazy man! He did say he was serious, even told me ways to reduce body fat percentage like he does not have weight problems himself, lol. He does have a valid reason since he is not able to do anything about his weight gain, but I can. And I plan on losing weight once my OB gives me the okay. I will not give birth until after a few more months but I already have plans and I mean to work on those plans. I hope I will not change my mind when the time comes :)

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