Sunday, October 17, 2010

pre-birthday celebration

Tomorrow is the little man's birthday. He will be four. But today his aunt organized a birthday party for him where his little cousins attended and it was fun. He was given school supplies which he loves and a new, big boy bicycle with an obnoxious horn he likes. He likes the horn so much he gets on his bike not to drive it but to press on the horn, lol. It is very loud! Trust his aunt to get him something they both find amusing. We were served ice cream and cake and soda (sugar galore!) which made the kids hyper. The celebrant did not even touch any of it. He was high from getting so many presents from people other than mommy and daddy that he could not be still to take a bite. I think it was a good thing since he is already hyper and if he had anything sweet he might have been worse. His aunt laughed and said at least there was one kid we do not have to buy supplements for weight loss. We had a good visit where we get to talk with adults and play with kids. I always love to visit that particular SIL because she is fun to be around with. And she is so used to having kids all the time that adding one active kid does not bother her one bit. The little man did not want to go home, he cried when he had to be put in his carseat. He only quit when his father promised him we will visit again soon. I am looking forward to that too :)

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