Friday, October 29, 2010

picture puzzles

The little man is fond of solving picture puzzles. I have bought him three different kinds of picture puzzles in the past and he completed them without any help. He did it all by himself because we argued over what goes where so I left him alone. Those puzzles are fit for his age though and were too easy for him to do so I decided to buy him picture puzzles with more pieces in them to challenge his mind and his ability. I bought two boxes of 100-piece picture puzzles for him to solve. He was so happy when we were looking at puzzles in the store I did not even realize that he already swiped a box of 1,000-piece puzzle. I had to return that one, lol. We will stick to 100 pieces and see how he will fare with this quantity. It might overwhelm him but we can always try and I will see if I can help. If that does not work, I will let daddy step in.

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