Saturday, October 23, 2010

not going to interfere

I am currently listening to an argument between the husband and the little man. They are listening to some song online, or the husband is but the little man does not like said song, he wants his favorite. I don't know how this will play out but I hope they will turn the volume down. These two act like they are hard on hearing when they play music (thankfully they do not do this often) it is making me upset listening to all that raucous. The little man ran to me crying because it seems like he will not get his way this time. I want to help but I know it will not do any good. They have to talk this out and maybe meet halfway. If I get involved I will only get annoyed at both of them and I try not to do that too much. I hate getting annoyed as much as I hate face acne. Besides I am pregnant. I need to try to have a happy disposition all the time even if it is impossible sometimes what with hormones and these two arguing over little things. Maybe we should all go to bed. Let's see if a suggestion will work.

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