Thursday, October 21, 2010

more learning CD's and activity books

The husband bought more learning CD's for the little man. He found the CD's on a yard sale and thought his son will love them. He bought ten in all and was supposed to give them as presents for the little man's birthday but he forgot. It is still sitting in the car hidden away from the little man's view. He said he will get one CD and let the little man play with it and if he shows any signs of being bored then he will get another one to keep him occupied. That is he does not forget about them again. The other day, he was at the store to buy chips and he said he saw activity books that he was sure his son will love so he bought him two. We are talking about grade school activity books here about addition and subtraction and the like so I don't know if this one will be popular since we have not really been doing any additions yet, we are still into naming numbers and basic counting. The other book I have yet to check because he handed them straight to his son's outstretched hands and who knows where it is at right now. He sure loves to buy his son learning materials and it is good to know that the little man appreciates it. I know I will see the book soon when he gets ready to know what is in it because he does call me for help when he gets new supplies. I guess he is not ready for it yet but his curiosity will win in the end :)

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