Friday, October 22, 2010

a list

One of the not-so-good things about having a child who is computer savvy is that he can navigate online and get on online stores to check on toys that he likes and wants to have. The little man has been bugging me to buy him an icoaster after he got tired of playing with the marble run. He visits Amazon and all the time looking at toys he like. This man does not need a x-mas gift guide, he has his own list in his head of what he wants mommy and daddy to buy. Of course I told him we have to think about getting the things he wants and that if we think we cannot afford it or we think it is not good for him then we will not get the items he wants. It does get nasty sometimes since he insists on us buying the toys he likes and most of the time his father says just to get it which I disagree all the time. We are not going to be manipulated by a kid into getting his ways especially when it concerns spending. He has to learn that early on. Thank goodness his father does not know much about online shopping and he hates going to the stores so I get my way. We do buy him toys, make no mistake about that. We just have to have a special occasion to do it so he will anticipate getting the toy and he will appreciate it more.

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