Friday, October 8, 2010

it's on its way

The marble run is finally shipped. Without delays or any other problems, we should have it either tomorrow or on Monday. Thank goodness! Even if the little man seems to grasp that we have to wait a few more days for it, he still keeps on asking questions, impatient that his toy is still not here. Well, we should get it soon. I hope he will like it. I told him he needs to think where he wants to put his marble run and make room for it so it will be set-up once it gets here. I am glad that even if I will not get the book that I ordered together with the marble run I still get the toy for my little boy. I wonder what I would have done should the book was available and the toy was not. But all worked well. I can always order the book somewhere else. What matters is that the little terror will get his marble run before his birthday.

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