Friday, October 15, 2010

it came!

The marble run was delivered on Tuesday morning. When I looked out the kitchen door I saw a box and I yelled about the marble run being here. The little man heard it and was in the door before his father opened it. He picked up the package and brought it inside, happy that the much anticipated marble run has already come. Now he can stop bugging mommy to go to Amazon to pick up his marble run. We set it up right away with him helping with the construction. We had fun since we messed up the run with holes not in the proper place. We had to redo it several times before it worked and he has been playing with it nonstop. Well, he stops to eat or check on his parents :) He is one happy boy. Finally, after months of watching videos of kids playing with marble run, he has his very own to play with. I just hope he will not tear or lose any part so we will not have any problems with the marble run. Thank you Amazon! It may have taken you a while to ship my purchase but you came through and now my boy is happy.

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