Wednesday, October 6, 2010

his choice

Ever since our old desk top computer quit working due to a virus, we have left it alone. We each have laptops to use and we are comfortable using the smaller computers anymore. Lately though, I have been thinking more and more of resurrecting the old desk top for the little man to use instead of my old laptop. It has a big flat screen monitor which should be better for his eyes. The husband said he will only agree to use the desktop as long as I let him order parts online so he can build a better computer he said. If he has a choice he wants rack mount PC but I do not know if we can afford the parts for it. I am thinking of a cheap computer but he said he wants the new computer to be fast and reliable especially since the little man will be using it and we both know he uses it for every thing. And he whines when the computer is taking its time to load a page. So, yeah, the husband might have a point. I just hope we have enough money (and he still knows how to put up a computer together) to build a better computer.

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