Tuesday, October 19, 2010

he likes to read

The little man was good today. We went for my appointment at the federal building downtown and he was being good. He even impressed somebody who works there by reading the signs and instructions posted on the wall. Of course his father bragged about how his son can do so much more other than reading. He told the guy the little man can spell which was put to the test when he was asked to spell banana which he refused to do, lol. This is one boy you cannot even bribe to say anything unless he wants to. But the guy was impressed still by how clear the little man said the words. We told him how he learned and he was amazed. We both agree that the little man learned a lot from getting online. Starting from Starfall to Nick, Jr. to browsing websites to search for music and even those ads he sees on the sites he visited. He still has difficulty reading words like chromium picolinate and weight loss but it is understandable. It will take him time to be able to read complex words but as long as he is starting with the basics we think he will be fine. And he is learning every day which is a good thing. We hope he will never tire of wanting to learn as he gets older.

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