Thursday, October 28, 2010

he is taking over

Our living room has been converted into the little man's room. He has his own room upstairs but he wants to stay downstairs so he can be included in everything that is going on. So we put up his Thomas the Train bed (he has a twin bed in his room) in the living room for him to sleep so he does not have to sleep upstairs. I told him we have to limit the toys he brings downstairs because it is already crowded as it is but he still tries to sneak in all kinds of toys and his big trucks (the miniature kind of the trucks they use on construction jobs) and his big boy bicycle that his aunt gave him. I make him bring all loose toys back to his room and pick up toys that are not used to put in the toy box that is attached to his bed. It is tedious having to pick up toys but his father gets annoyed when he steps on little toys and yells at us. I don't really blame him, these little toys that look so harmless are deadly when stepped on. We are both half-blind so it is sometimes hard to find them but I try so as to avoid any accidents. We are hoping that as the days go by, he will eventually decide to sleep in his own room. He just turned four though and he is at an age to where he is afraid of the dark or being alone. At least if he stays in the living room he knows that we are near him and all he has to do is call for either mommy or daddy. I know someday he will want his privacy just like all of us do.

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