Monday, October 11, 2010

he is still waiting

I thought we will get the little man's marble run today but it seems like it will be another day wait. I hope it will get here tomorrow so he can start playing with it. He has been a good boy lately except when he gets bored when he does things he is not supposed to do. He still watches videos of kids playing with their marble runs on Youtube although he has found another video which he enjoys like a Mario game somebody uploaded. Like always, he does not stay playing with one "toy" at a time. There is just so much to do. He searches online for every thing from old songs and singers to toys, visits Facebook, and even look in at modern office furniture when he is on the computer. After a few minutes though he will be either playing with his toys or talking to his daddy about words and what they mean. He is a very inquisitive kid with a mind that absorbs every detail that we have to tell him facts or else he will remember what we said and it will haunt us for a while. Better be safe than sorry, lol. He is right now building words using his magnetic letters while listening to Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World.

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