Sunday, October 24, 2010

he asked for food

Everybody who has read this blog knows that the little man is picky when it comes to food. He only eats what he wants to eat. No amount of bribery or coaxing work which is frustrating but somehow we got used to it. We were told by his doctor that he will eat when he is hungry so when he says no to food after being offered, we let him be. It has been like that since then and we stopped worrying about it. There are days though that he eats three complete meals a day. Just like today. He had pancakes for breakfast and then he told me he wanted mac and cheese for lunch. Imagine my surprise when he asked for food. Asked for it! He actually had two servings of mac and cheese and a cup of his favorite juice. We are happy for him. He might not ask for supper but I am fine with it. As long as he gets his milk before bedtime he should be fine. In a way I am glad he is picky with food since it means he will not eat every food he sees which should reduce his chance of being fat when he gets in his teenage years. I know from experience what being fat felt like and the accompanying health and skin problems (i.e. acne) that comes with it. I would rather spend money buying him electronics and gadgets than to spend it on top acne treatment in the future. Of course he might get acne even when he is skinny but I think chances are slim when he is physically fit. I hope. This is just my belief on said issue though and it might not be medically proven but I sure hope my son will be spared from having such problems in the future. For now, let me be happy that he is what and who he is. He may annoy me most of the time but he is mine and I am happy to deal with him :)

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