Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The little man is a charmer when he wants to be. He knows how to play people to let him get his way. His father laughs about it because he is one of the people his son can manipulate at will. I must admit he does that to me too, I cannot help it sometimes, until I get annoyed and then it is another story, lol. Anyway, I brought him with me to my appointments today and he charmed everybody at the doctor's office. He did not even put in effort yet the nurses (even my doctor) was all over him. He impressed my doctor some more when he read the words on the charts in the room we were in. As usual his father was proud. Why, he could read words like phentermine without help or coaching from us. He is getting really good at reading that we think we must have done something good somehow, lol. All credit goes to the little man who goes out of his way to learn. No matter how hard it is for him to sound out words he still does and he never gives up until he knows how. The really hard words I help him with and once I have read certain words to him and explained what they mean, he remembers them which makes it easier for him to understand the next time he encounters such words. He is a learner for sure. If he can keep this up he should do good in school. Hopefully.

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