Sunday, October 10, 2010

bad eating habit

The little man has made a habit of bringing his food to the couch on meal times. It bugs me that we have to argue over where the proper place is to eat and his father almost always sides with him. As long as he eats. I am left with cleaning up the mess he makes. It is driving me insane. Our couch cover is made of cloth and when food gets in it it leaves stains and it smells. Sometimes I think about how it would have been easier for me to clean up his mess if we still have the old futon we had because then all I had to do is replace the futon cover so I can wash the messy one. Why I wanted the couch is beyond me. I must admit it looks way better than the futon. But anyway, it is done and there is one way to stop the mess and that is to make the little man sit in the dining room table to eat. I just have to be firm when I tell him what he has to do.

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