Friday, September 10, 2010

we are staying in

It is a rainy and gloomy day today. When I got up this morning I thought it was still dawn because it was dark but was shocked when I looked at the clock and it said quarter to ten. We overslept! No wonder the little man has been trying to wake me up asking for a cup of milk. It was past breakfast time. Well, we already have our breakfast and we are just staying home with the windows open to let fresh air in. It is still kinda dark even with windows open that I am surprised the little man has not turned on any lights yet. He likes it light in the house on most days but I guess today is not one of them. He is watching cartoons while his parents are online, one is reading the news while the other is on Facebook while updating her blogs. I do have to get off in a little while so I could snuggle my little man, if he will let me. I love rainy days. Sometimes :)

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