Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a reminder

My brother has signed another ten months to work on a boat. We talked before he got on board and he reminded me to buy him multivitamins should we send another balikbayan box to our parents. He said I better remember because I have promised him a lot of things including the best acne treatments here yet only a few items were able to get to him. It is either I (conveniently) forgot about the things on his list or the box has been sealed before I remember to get what he wants so there was no way of including them in the box. I know I am guilty but there are only so much I can afford. Besides, I know he can well afford the items on his list on one of their stops while he is on the boat. But I will still try to do what I can. We need to get every thing ready for our next box because we have to bring it to the Asian store to be picked up before the holiday rush starts.

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