Friday, September 17, 2010

not a very good day

The little man slept after we put him in his car seat and spent a few minutes driving around. If we did not do that he would have been up by now making all of us miserable because he refuses to go to bed on some nights and tonight was one of them. So we had to do something tried and tested to make him sleep. I know we would have done better by making him sleep in his bed and setting rules but I was not up to it tonight after having to deal with his mischief all day. He is now sound asleep and I am sure he will not wake up until late tomorrow morning. He does that after a day of not taking a nap. He is being difficult sometimes but no matter how hard it is to do so, we make allowances for him. He is just a little kid after all. I just hope he will get better as he gets older. Anyway, since the little man is sound asleep, the husband and I have a little time to ourselves. I mean our separate selves, lol. He is in his computer reading news without anybody interrupting him and telling him he needs to use daddy's computer. While here I am updating my blogs while chatting with friends online. I have plenty of time in my hand that I could either finish reading a book I have started reading today or I can read on about directory submission software not because I need to know about it but because I just have the time to do it. I am free! For tonight anyway, lol. I think I will opt to finish reading though and then off to bed with me. Who knows what the little man's temperament tomorrow will be like. At least if I am rested I will be better prepared to deal with it.

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